Working on Ed Leadership Certificate at UAA


      I've been working in rural Alaska for 15 years or so.  I've got an M Ed from UAA K-8.  I've taught in False Pass in a small school for the last two year and I've been the local administrator as well as teacher.  I just finished my sped certificate and I'm ed leadership classes.  I plan to do my internship this year.  I'm interested in doing doctorate program if it pans out--the comps scare be a bit though.  I use placed based culturally responsive project learning in my teaching. Last year we built a 17' dory, had a marine science and culture camps.  I'm thinking of building a kayak, drums and bent wood visors this year--I was at the Aleut culture camp this summer in Anchorage and they got me all fired up.  

      I'm also working on designing a foam/fibergals composite dome building here in my home village of Stebbins.  

      My school has less than 10 students a we never know if they will keep it open the following year--we just take it one year at a time and hope and do our best.  

      It is interesting to read your posts--you are an interesting bunch.  I'd be glad to be in a program with you and learn from you.

      Ward :)  

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Comment by Jeff Bailey on July 19, 2012 at 6:36pm
Welcome Ward. 10 students - hmm - many years ago I had a one teacher school that started with 27 students and dropped to 6 when the timber mill closed. 5 of the 6 were from the one family and the 6 were in 5 different classes. Very challenging but lots of fun.

Pleasde you have joined the Ning. We need to keep the bal rolling.


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